Goodbye Summer: Inviting Autumn into your Home

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Autumn is here. As much as we like to try and cling on to summer for as long as possible, it can’t last forever. Inevitably the leaves start to fall from the trees, the night’s draw in, and the temperature drops. While we may be mourning for hot summer days and long summer nights, autumn brings its own magic. As soon as the darker afternoons set in, Halloween is upon us, before we’re hurtling towards Christmas. Fall is a time of new beginnings, excitement, and fun. It’s a time to get cozy with our families and to enjoy a rich home life after summer travels and days out. Fall is a time for self-care and self-love, for relaxation and family. It’s a time to get comfortable at home, settling in ready for winter. It’s also a time of great beauty. When we think of autumn, we think of the sparkles of holiday shopping and decoration and nature, color, and rich tastes and textures. It’s lovely. So, why not embrace fall fully by inviting autumn into your home?

Wrap Yourself in Texture

If there’s one thing you want your home to be as autumn sets in, it’s cozy. Add plenty of different textures to create a deep, warming atmosphere. Think chunky woolen blankets on your couch, cushions stacked on seating, heavy curtains, and thick, welcoming blankets piled in a basket. Everywhere you look, there should be something designed to warm you. Mixing fabrics by teaming a leather couch with a thick throw and velvet cushions, for example, can be a great way to maximize textures and create an inviting atmosphere.

Breathe in the Aroma of the Season

Autumn isn’t all about warmth and color. It’s also about aroma. When we think of summer fragrances, we might imagine fresh linen, soft jasmine, and other florals. In autumn, you might be more likely to think about musky vanilla and winter spices. Add scented candles and even air fresheners that fill your home with the scent of the season.

Create a Rustic Theme

If you want to make a more permanent change to enjoy an autumn vibe all year round, investing in new furniture can be a good idea. Add statement pieces with a rustic theme, such as a vintage farmhouse style table and bench. Find ways to save on designer brands, ensuring you get quality items without going over budget.

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Inject Some Color

Autumn has a rich palette. Whether you think of the colors of leaves and nature as green, orange, brown, and red, or the deep shades that we often see in autumnal décor and fashion, i.e. navy, deep green, plum, and burgundy, it’s a colorful time for sure. In the summer, you might enjoy light walls and pastel shades. In the autumn, swap your accessories and soft furnishings for deeper, richer shades for a more autumnal feel.

Add Layers to Your Flooring

Wooden flooring is trendy, but it is not always the ideal choice for adding texture and creating a warm and inviting home. Adding layers with area rugs and smaller, textured pieces gives you options. You can enjoy the softness underfoot when it’s cold, and then put them in storage when springtime arrives.

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Switch Your Bed Linen

It’s probably time to get your winter duvet out, but it’s also a great chance to swap your bed linen for something more seasonal. Think nature prints, or plain mustard, or plum covers. Something deep, and rich, that comforts and relaxes you. Inviting autumn in can help you to enjoy the season and everything that it has to offer. Embrace autumn while shielding yourself from the cold and wrapping yourself up against the harsher elements of the season.

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